The Best Toddler Daycare Program in Fountain Inn

little girl looking down next to little boy looking at daycare leader with children's' artwork hung behind them

We care about quality

HIS Daycare LLC offers a HOME like environment for children ranging from preschool to 4K. Our curriculum provides developmentally- appropriate learning opportunities to encourage your child to be confident, successful, life-long learners.

we value community

We value community

HIS Daycare LLC not only offers a safe, quality learning environment for children– it also serves as a beacon of knowledge and resources for all who are connected. HIS Daycare LLC has teamed up with other family based companies  to provide tools and information for parents, teachers and the community.

we are faith based

We are faith-based

The early years are critical to your child’s positive growth and development. Children are eager to learn new skills, experience challenging opportunities ¬†and be encouraged by their strengths and talents. HIS Daycare LLC has built these experiences around a faith-based atmosphere.